Founded in 2017 as a creative marketing agency Located in Egypt

focusing on many sorts of digital marketing, As long as competing in online platforms nowadays became super challenging among huge number of competitors trying to do what you do and many of them of course get ahead of the race. That is why LET ME IN means it lets your brand in with the top ones and on the right path.

Let Me In Studio is full-service branding, graphic design, web & e-commerce and social media management company, we design professional websites that look great on any size screen or device for both startups and established businesses. We make sure your brand is cohesive not only across all platforms: business cards, website, Facebook page etc. But also offline through outdoor campaigns, signs etc.

In other words, Let Me In Studio provides most of marketing paths to drive your business into professional and right presence which accordingly going to attract your leads and lifts your customer’s confidence up in your business.

Let Me In employees are the assets of the company who come as a team to reach the main goal of the company, which is to provide service to the client with unprecedented creativity, the best quality and the most suitable price all in the scheduled timeline.


OUR Mission

Providing the best and finest service to our clients in the field of marketing of all kinds and commitment with our clients to achieve what they aspire to and more, and to ensure the complete satisfaction of the client after providing the service.


OUR vision

To be the first choice for any business looking for unconventional marketing solutions for their organization.


OUR values

Honesty, commitment, quality, speed, efficiency, creativity and trust.


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Anna Deacon

Art Director

Nick Srutsky


Eni Tavares


Rachel Blum


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